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Open Access Publications LLC is a publisher committed to promoting excellence in scientific article publication. Our success story is driven by our dedication to evaluating and publishing research articles with speed in journals indexed in Scopus and Scimago databases. Our company was founded with the goal of providing a reliable and efficient platform for researchers worldwide to share their findings and contribute to the advancement of science. We believe that scientific research plays a fundamental role in finding solutions to the challenges faced by society. Through our scientific journals, we offer a high-impact platform with indexing in prestigious databases such as Scopus and Scimago.

Journal of Law and Sustainable Development

Revista de Gestão Social e Ambiental

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The journal’s reviewers were careful, quickly. Especially, the publication fee of $ 500 is reasonable. I will submit my research next time. Thank you so much! Đoàn Anh Vũ

Murtiadi Awaluddin

Dear editor Thank you verymuch for your service : fast respond and fast publish and im very happy, so i will publish again If you need reviewer for you jounal Im ready to be your reviewer Best regads Murtiadi awaluddin

Daria Zaitseva

Dear Editorial Team, Thank you very much for such great news!!! 🌷🌷🌷 If I will have new articles in the scope of your respected journal, I will submit them to you! Have a wonderful day! Warm regards, Daria Zaitseva

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to publish a scientific article?

Publishing a scientific article is a way to share your discoveries and contributions to the academic and scientific community. In addition, having articles published in scientific journals can increase the researcher’s visibility and reputation, in addition to contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their field of study.

What languages do Open Access Publications accept?

The Open Access Publications accepts articles in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The Scientific Committee is committed to the purpose of gradually developing a journal having international reach, with adequate indexing in bibliometric databases.

In which areas of knowledge do Open Access publish in?

Environmental and Social Management Journal

Public and Business Administration, Accounting and Tourism;
Political science and international relations;
Environmental sciences;
Communication and information;
Engineering I;
Engineering II;
Engineering III;
Urban and Regional Planning / Demography;

Journal of Law and Sustainable Development

Comparative law;
International law;
Human rights and law;
Policy and theory of law;
Environmental law;
Education law;
Social business;
Social entrepreneurship;
Green bonds;
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG);
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI);
Impact investing; impact evaluation, crowdfunding;
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); venture capital, business angels; information technology service (ITS); sustainable consumption and production; low carbon energy; climate change;
Other areas related to sustainable development.

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